About Seniors Subsidized Apartments


Seniors subsidized independent living offers apartments to low to moderate income seniors.  The program is funded in part by payment of rent from the residents and provincial government subsidies.

Eligibility Requirement

  • Seniors 65 and over may apply (people 60 to 65 can/will be considered under special circumstances).

  • Applicants must be FUNCTIONALLY INDEPENDENT, which can include the aid of community support services.

  • Applicant must be a Canadian citizen, refugee or landed immigrant and have lived in Calgary for at least one year.

  • Tenants are selected on a priority basis.  Priority is determined by the evaluation of the need of an applicant for subsidized senior housing.  All applicants will be evaluated according to the Alberta Legislated Point Scoring System.

Rental Rates:


Grace Lutheran Manor and Bankview House are rent geared to income projects.  Tenants are charged 30% of their actual monthly income for rent.  Rental rates include: carpet, blinds, fridge, stove, heat, water & sewer, taxes, garbage removal and laundry facilities.  Our buildings participate in recycling.  An average monthly fee is charged for electricity (not to exceed $50.00 monthly) with telephone, internet and cable not included in the rental rate.

Social Club:


Tenants can have social clubs that host coordinated activities and events.